Cost Effective and Operationally Efficient Alternative to Capital Expenditure

Carefree Engine Leasing™ has many financial and operational advantages over traditional leasing. In the commercial airline business, maximizing green time has tremendous financial and operational value.

AeroTurbine has earned the designation as the aircraft engine lessor of choice – with its unparalleled portfolio of overhauled engines, field service teams readily available to manage engine removal and installation, and the logistics expertise to deploy fully QEC’d engines within hours of the original notice. Signing a GTA with AeroTurbine before you have an immediate need will greatly reduce or eliminate delays when time is the most critical factor.








Whether your requirement is for 3 months or 3 years, AeroTurbine offers its lessees significant value

CareFree Engine Leasing™

AeroTurbine’s Carefree Engine Leasing ™ offers our customers many financial and operational benefits.  Our engine portfolio consists of every major engine model and with in-house capabilities, we can perform configuration changes as required and dispatch engines within hours of the original notification.

North and South America

Europe, Middle East and Africa