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Now Your Career Can Really Take Flight

At a time when many companies in the aftermarket aeronautics industry are in retreat, AeroTurbine, an international company, continues to gear up and look ahead. And that means continually seeking out people with a "can do" attitude who will support our high level of excellence and our goal of continuous improvement.

Our people are our most important asset. They have the passion, the heart and the discipline to succeed in a very fast-paced environment. Whether it's customer facing (Sales, Trading, Leasing, Customer Service, or Technical Service or Support) or back-end support (Human Resources, Finance or IT and Operations, including packing shipping and facilities maintenance) - they are the very best at what they do.

At AeroTurbine, you will never hear the phrase "that's not my job." Everyone pitches in, extending himself or herself to help their co-workers. That's what makes a career at AeroTurbine enjoyable, fun, stimulating and rewarding.

If AeroTurbine is your kind of place and your kind of people; if you could see yourself thriving in the aircraft engine and airframe materials industry, please send your resume to We also encourage you to explore the aviation career positions listed below.

Director of Engine Trading
Product Line Representative - Engine Group
Product Line Representative

Director/Sr. Director - Defense Products
Regional Sales Manager
Product Line Representative - Airframe Group
Product Line Manager Government
Vendor Repair Administrator
Vendor Repair Supervisor

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